How to Get Your Family Outside When They Don’t Want To Go

For real I know what it’s like to make my family do something that’s important to me, but not really so much to ANYONE else.  I have never regretted it because I have the fondest memories of seeing my children enjoying things that they never would have if I hadn’t have stayed firm and lead the way!

Here’s my step by step guide:

Step 1.  Don’t tell them.

Step 2. Get everything ready while they play video games.

Step 3. Load the car.

Step 4. Tell them they have x amount of time left on video games.

Step 5. Times up, tell them what clothes to put on.

Step 6. After video games are off and they are whining and they say “what are we doing anyway”, now you can tell them.  (they will whine even louder and say they don’t want to go).

Step 7. Insist, stay firm, and get them in the car.

Step 8. Take a selfie in the car, then leave your driveway.

(believe me, I have more, just like this, except with my husband and oldest, this is just my most recent. I do this all the time! lol ; ).

Step 9. Pray.  Pray for a good trip, pray for positive attitudes, pray for safety, pray for fun, pray for fun family time.

Step 10. Praise God for the opportunity to spend time with family, doing something together, that is pure, innocent, fun and enjoying his creation.

Step 11. Thank God for loving you and always being with you.

Step 12. Have Fun!

Step 13. Cherish these moments.

So please go.  I know it’s hard.  We are so busy that my kids just want a day at home, which we definitely do, but I also feel a great responsibility to show my kids that there is so much more beyond our walls, so while we do have our “free time” at home, we also get out there as well!

Remember, “BE BRAVE”.